Illinois Hockey

Illinois Hockey is a community of 800+ Illinois alumni who still play hockey for the benefit of charity and who continue to elevate the sport of hockey in Illinois.

The state of Illinois produces some of the best hockey players in the country - both on and off the ice. We make a display of this through our annual Illinois Alumni tournament. The tournament is a showcase of the commitment that Illinois players have to the sport of hockey and a demonstration of how hockey can be used as an enormous force for good.

Illinois Alumni Tournament

The 7th Annual Illinois Alumni Hockey Tournament will feature 36 alumni teams from throughout the state. Past rivalries will be reignited; old friends will be reunited; and more importantly, the 700+ participating players will keep "the dream" alive by playing for braggin' rights like it's Game 7. 

Submit a Team

To sign up a team, you can submit the Pre-Registration Form. If you have any questions, email Illinois Alumni Hockey


Each team's roster must have a minimum of 10 players and a goalie. The final roster should include your player's names, email addresses, and HS grad years.  Rosters can be altered up until the first game of the tournament. 


In the Illinois Alumni Tournament, high school graduation years of players can vary from 1980 all the way up to 2018. Skill level varies just as drastically. To accommodate the spectrum of competition, there are 3 separate divisions: A, B, and C.

A Division (YOUNG GUNS)

An A team's squad is likely still skating week to week. Most guys have played competitive hockey growing up and some even played in college. A team in this division would match up well with a team from an A league at a suburban rink. If you are looking for fast, high-level hockey, this is the division to be in. HS grad years don't matter as much in this division since this is really the catch-all for the guys that want to play against the best. 


A B team has the vast majority of guys who have played competitive hockey growing up. Most of the guys play in the middle to higher leagues in the suburbs. Players are typically 6-10 years out of HS. These are guys that are looking for strong competition but may not necessarily want to be skating against the fresh legs of a new grad.

C Division (WILY VETS)

C teams consist of the most resilient alumni players in Illinois. These guys can still skate, and the winner of this division every year is always top-notch. HS grad are typically 11+ years out of HS. This division is for teams that would compete strongly in B and C leagues in the suburbs. Competition is still strong, but the game is less about blazin' speed and more about sound team hockey and fundamentals.

Tournament Format

There will be sub-tournaments for each divisions. Within each sub-tournament, there will be divisions of 3-4 teams each. Every team plays each team in their division, resulting in 3 guaranteed divisional games. The winners of each division move on to the playoff rounds. There will be an A, B, and C champion crowned from each of the sub-tournaments. 


All teams must minimally have 10 skaters and a goalie. There is no maximum number of players that a team can carry. It is strongly recommended to have a full bench of players because the teams that advance far into the playoffs can play many games in a short time span. Each school can enter multiple teams.