Join the Alumni Community

It's not a coincidence that top high school hockey programs in Illinois have strong alumni networks. Illinois Alumni Hockey supports high school alumni programs in keeping their alumni players engaged year-after-year.

Why should your school join the Alumni Community? 

(1) We engage your school's alumni Players for you.

  • We facilitate one of the most exciting tournaments in Illinois each year that keeps alumni players coming back. We do this on your behalf. There are no costs.

(2) IL Alumni Hockey is one of the fastest growing networks in the hockey community. 

  • The annual tournament has grown from 30 players to over 700. By connecting old players and former rivals, we're creating a shared hockey community, the benefits of which can extend well beyond the ice and into one's professional life.

(3) Strong alumni programs correlate with successful hockey programs.

  • Knowing there is a future with a hockey program after high school ends is an extra incentive for attracting player talent.  New high school players won't be just becoming teammates for 4 years; they'll be making teammates for a lifetime. 

(4) Engaged alumni are more likely to Give back. 

  • When alumni are re-connecting with their high school hockey teammates, they reflect on the impact that the program made on their lives. The tournament surfaces this spirit. Engaging alumni players in this powerful way makes it more likely that they will give back and support a high school hockey program.

How to Get Your School Involved:

You can kickstart your school's involvement by registering a team for the annual alumni tournament.